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Vincent Mapili

blockchain specialist

His extraordinary life story began in Zambia, where he was born, and he endured the harsh conditions of growing up in an impoverished country at a young age. Upon reflection, his life experiences served as valuable lessons that shaped his resolute pursuit of success, tenacity, and diligent work ethic. He was awarded an academic scholarship to study economics at Soka University of America following his graduation from secondary school. Presently, he is engaged in the final stages of his Master of Science (MSc) program in Blockchain and Digital currency at the University of Nicosia, which is recognized as the inaugural institution worldwide to provide a Master’s degree in Blockchain. Under the guidance of eminent and globally recognized Blockchain authorities, he is acquiring a comprehensive understanding of numerous subjects, including Smart Contracts, Information security, Blockchain programming, Blockchain systems and architecture, and law and regulation in Blockchain.

With over fourteen years of experience in the financial services sector, he has held leadership positions in enterprise finance for software development firms, banks, major retailers, real estate, construction, and manufacturing companies. He is a leader who possesses distinctive abilities in business analysis and financial management and is both innovative and visionary. Additional services includes the following:                 

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EMDK Finance

EMDK consulting and finance is an innovative organization that facilitates businesses’ integration of Web3 technology through the implementation of smart contracts, blockchain, decentralized finance, and distributed applications in order to maximize the technology’s potential for business use cases in a streamlined and user-friendly manner. By utilizing token-based economic and governance systems, we enable full control over synthetic assets that simulate real-world asset pricing, including interest rates, stocks (equities), bonds, commodities, indexes, and fiat currencies.

With the transformation of the current financial landscape brought about by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, you can be certain that you have arrived at the ideal location to safeguard your interests at EMDK Finance. Our team of experts is well-equipped to offer practical implementations of Web3 services for your company, all the while creating a blockchain-independent token that will become ubiquitous and synonymous with the digital currency operating system, thereby fortifying the consensus-based protocol.




We enable different blockchain networks to communicate and transact with each other, allowing for more seamless interactions and access to various services across different platforms.

Smart Contracts

These are self-executing contracts where the terms of an agreement are directly written into code. They run on the blockchain and automatically execute actions when predefined conditions are met, removing the need for intermediaries and reducing the potential for disputes.

Security and Privacy

We prioritize security and privacy, aiming to give users more control over their data and reduce the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.

Tokenization of Assets

Our software allows for the representation of real-world assets (such as real estate, art, or company shares) as digital tokens on a blockchain. Making assets more divisible, liquid, and accessible to a broader range of investors.

Decentralized Identity and Reputation Systems

Our services can incorporate decentralized identity systems to manage and control user identities and reputations without relying on central authorities.

Governance and Community-driven Initiatives

As a financial services firm, our platforms involve governance models that allow token holders to participate in decision-making processes, contributing to the future direction of the platform.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi is a significant component of our service offering. It involves using blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (dApps) to provide financial services without the need for traditional intermediaries like banks. This includes lending, borrowing, trading, and earning interest, often built on platforms like Ethereum.

Blockchain-based Payments

Our platform leverages cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for peer-to-peer transactions, enabling faster and more transparent payments across borders without the need for traditional banking systems.